2016 Mid-Year Check-In

It’s been awhile since I have written a post because…MY!…how the first half of the year has flown by! I’ve been pondering what I should write about and how to best to write an update about what I’ve been up to. Then, the inspiration hit my inbox! A mentor/networking connection of mine, Darlene Templeton, sent out a message to her “Women Alliance” in June, suggesting that we all do a “mid-year” check-in. Brilliant.

To do so, she suggested to:

1) Review what you have accomplished to date
2) Celebrate your accomplishments
3) Review your 2016 goals
4) Develop long-term objectives as well as your “30 day goals” in your action plan to achieve those goals

5) Continue to track progress and celebrate along the way

I could think of no better format for this blog post than to answer those questions and keep everyone updated on the latest. So, here it goes!

My 2016 Mid-Year Check-In:
1) Review what you have accomplished to date:
In January, my husband and I took a post-New Year’s trip to Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya area in Mexico and had a very relaxing time. We even ate at the Italian restaurant that we went to on our honeymoon (YES! Authentic Italian in Mexico!).

In February, I volunteered as a Culture Ambassador for an event called Culturati Summit, which was an event about company cultured geared towards CEOs. That was a very inspiring and insightful experience since I’m a company culture geek.

In March, I went to SXSW for the first time as an IMG_5605attendee. I attended Interactive programming sessions, fun activations and social events. It was a very cool experience to see the event that I helped put on for four years prior. Oh, and I saw Obama speak. NBD.

Then, in late April, I found out I was out of a job. I had just celebrated Administrative Professionals Day and was preparing for our much anticipated trip to Italy the following week. As it was very unexpected, I went into survival mode and began making all sorts of plans for how best to aggressively find a new job. (By the way, when I reached out to my professional and personal contacts to update them, I had nothing but overwhelming support that I was and am so appreciative for.)

As luck would have it, a company called GasPedal (which runs SocialMedia.org and SocialMedia.org Health) had an Executive Assistant position posted on LinkedIn. I reviewed the job posting over and over again and checked out the executives’ profiles. Because of the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature on LinkedIn, the said executives saw my profile and reached out to me. We connected online and went through a very fast interview process. Luckily, the stars aligned and I found myself as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at GasPedal. (A quick side note: I’m loving this new role. The people are wonderful, the office is awesome, my boss is great to work with, I’m being utilized and challenged, I’m learning a ton, and I’m enjoying my responsibilities.)

In May, my husband and I traveled to Italy on our first overseas trip together. We planned and booked the entire trip solo and had an amazing time. Sigh.
In June, I started my new job and it’s been a whirlwind! As mentioned above, I’m learning a lot including new systems, processes, etc. It’s been good! Also in June, I traveled to Colorado to visit my step-dad for my 29th birthday and Father’s Day. Colorado was such a reminder of the beauty that is in this world and how spending time with family and outdoors is so important and relaxing.

Also, in late June, my husband and I began a health program called Whole30. This is basically a health reset where you eat only meats, veggies, and fruit. Similar to Paleo but no sugar is allowed. Then after 30 days, you reintroduce foods like legumes, grains, and dairy and evaluate how your body, energy, mind, etc. reacts to these foods. Our main goals are to learn more about how certain foods affect us, what our food habits are, how to overcome negative ones, and gain knowledge about what’s in the food we’re eating. It’s been a challenge but we’ve kept strong and have been having fun with it. We’re feeling great too!

In addition to everything, throughout this first half of the year, I’ve kept up with planning APNA meetups, have expanded our Leadership Team by two people, and am currently reviewing next steps for the group.

I also have been so blessed to be involved in so many friends and family events so far! Two of my friends have had babies, two friends got married, there’s been tons of birthdays, and other get-togethers. And I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep in touch with so many of my dear friends even as we get older and we get busier and busier.

2) Celebrate your accomplishments

I always do my best to make sure to take breathers when I need them, plan fun things when I need a break, and to crack open that more expensive bottle of wine just because we should! It’s still an internal struggle to not feel guilty whenever I don’t have a million things on my plate. But, I’m just used to being busy and getting things done. I get better each day with listening to my body, trying to quiet my mind, and be more in the moment with whoever I’m with or with whatever I’m doing.

3) Review your 2016 goals

Quick note- Along with the paragraph just above, I want to continue to ask myself “what is it that YOU WANT to do today?” even if it’s just one thing. Adding YOURSELF to the to-do list is something I need to keep remembering.

My goals for 2016 (from a past post) were as follows:
  1. Continue learning. – Whether it’s by reading books, articles, attending conferences, or taking online courses, I’ve found that I am very stimulated and inspired when learning something new. Hard skill or soft skill, hey, it’s learning. #themoreyouknow
  2. Make passionate goals. – I hope to listen to my feelings and core desires when setting goals for myself. Enough said.
  3. Travel. – See #3 above about overseas travel. I also hope to see more of the U.S. this year too!
  4. Do meaningful things. – Life is too short to just do a day-to-day with no real “oomph” behind it. It’s going to take some self-reflection and even hard decision making at certain points, but I hope to focus on doings things that are meaningful to me (and hopefully end up being meaningful to others). Inspiration, motivation, and all around happy things will hopefully be the outcomes!

I still listen to podcasts, keep up with pertinent news, and read articles. I haven’t done this as much over the last couple of months since I’ve found that when you’re constantly learning at a new job, that really takes up a lot of your additional brain capacity! But, once I get more in the flow with my new position, I’m sure I’ll pick up additional learning opportunities again.

I’m still making passionate goals. I think I’m doing meaningful things. I will continue to remember these!

And yes, travel travel travel! I have a trip to Chicago in August, a trip to New York in December with my mom, a trip to Costa Rica with my sister-in-law next spring, then…who knows?! We spend a lot of time making budgets, saving, and planning to make these happen and hope to be able to continue exploring and enjoying different experiences.

4) Develop long term objectives as well as your “30 day goals” in your action plan to achieve those goals

My long-term objectives are to become faster and more proficient in my new role. My 30-day goal for this is to try to squeeze in trainings on things where I’m not so savvy whenever I can. As well as become more proactive in speaking up about ideas and processes.

Personally, a long term objective is to remember what is important to me in life and to carry those thoughts with me in everything I do. My 30 day goal to achieve this is to have “gratitude moments” throughout the day where I remind myself of what I have to be thankful for.

 5) Continue to track progress and celebrate along the way
It’s going to be a quick sprint to the end of the year, but I know that I have good people in my corner to support me (and to celebrate with me). I plan on continuing to have that date night, shopping trip, or glass of wine whenever we have things to celebrate…even if it’s just to celebrate where we are in our lives.
And with that reflection, I’m ready to see what the second half of 2016 brings! Let’s do it!



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