A New Year’s Reflection: 2015 to 2016

This year was full of growth, challenges, changes, and opportunity. I traveled to places like New York all the way to Spain. I changed jobs, spoke at a conference, had good friends move (or tell me they are moving), made new friends, and even started meditating a little. While reflecting on 2015, I thought of a few lessons that I’ll try to remember for 2016.

  1. Trust your instincts for timing. – Sometimes you want to tell someone something or do something right away. But, your gut is telling you to just hold tight. I’ve found that if you listen to your instincts regarding timing, that usually ends up being the best thing.
  2. The friends who will be around will always…be around. – Even if you aren’t able to catch up with a friend as often as you’d like, it’s a great friendship when you can just pick up right where you left off. As well, changing jobs after four years was scary and I thought by leaving the job, I’d be losing friends too. While we don’t talk everyday like we used to, I feel very fortunate that I’m still in touch with people who meant a lot to me then and now. We chat about old times, but more importantly, we share and encourage each other in our new journeys. It’s nice to know that a friend catch-up is just a coffee date away!
  3. Overseas travel is amazing. – I’ve always had the travel bug. But traveling to Spain really made me realize that my wanderlust is warranted. It’s an amazing world out there and sharing it with loved ones and/or just for yourself is so…soul-gratifying.  It’s definitely scary planning for the unknown, but I’ve found that once you’re there, just let go, be open to all experiences, look around, see, learn, immerse, and bring back all the love and beauty that you experienced and try to transfer that energy to your every day. And, of course, start planning the next one!
  4. Disconnect often. – When you’re having alone time, when you’re with friends or family, when you’re in meetings, when you’re in bed, when you’re at a stop light, when you’re on vacation, when you’re getting your nails done, etc. Just…disconnect. Put your phone down, look around, be with your thoughts, and just be.
  5. Keep the faith (an oldie but a goodie). – When things get tough, seem confusing, seem unstable, or out of my control, try to remember to keep the faith.
  6. Watch what you eat and stay active (yeah, another oldie, but still a goodie). – You’ll gain weight back if you’re not careful! Three days of “I’ll get back on a routine in a few days” can equal no bueno. Eat what you love but make sure you’re being nice to your body. So, eat well, drink well, keep the heart pumping, and rest well.
  7. Believe in yourself. – You are worthy and you can do it.

So what am I hoping to accomplish in 2016? Well, my goals are broad but here’s just a few things:

  1. Continue learning. – Whether it’s by reading books, articles, attending conferences, or taking online courses, I’ve found that I am very stimulated and inspired when learning something new. Hard skill or soft skill, hey, it’s learning. #themoreyouknow
  2. Make passionate goals. – I hope to listen to my feelings and core desires when setting goals for myself. Enough said.
  3. Travel. – See #3 above re overseas travel. I also hope to see more of the U.S. this year too!
  4. Do meaningful things. – Life is too short to just do a day-to-day with no real “oomph” behind it. It’s going to take some self-reflection and even hard decision-making at certain points, but I hope to focus on doings things that are meaningful to me (and hopefully end up being meaningful to others). Inspiration, motivation, and all around happy things will hopefully be the outcomes!


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