The “Full” Life Update – April 30, 2015

These last two weeks have been so…full! (Side note: I try to use the word “full” instead of “busy” thanks to a session leader at the Texas Conference for Women named Danielle LaPorte. Side Note #2: Sign up for her emails to get daily “Truth Bombs” and inspirational/motivational messages.)

Last week I had an amazing networking dinner for a new network that I am a part of, called Camp Campbell. Inspired by Campbell

Campbell's CEO Denise Morrison and Me

Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison and Me

Soup CEO Denise Morrison, “Camp Campbell brings together an exclusive community of young female change makers to inspire thought leadership and foster creative collaboration.” They have chapters all over the nation and I was asked to be a part of their new Austin Chapter. We had an intimate family-style dinner with Campbell’s CEO,

Camp Campbell Austin Chapter Family Style Dinner

Camp Campbell Austin Chapter Family Style Dinner

mentors, and Austin women leaders and entrepreneurs. We chatted over a lovely meal about food trends, brands, professional development, future goals, family traditions, and more! It was an unforgettable night of laughter, sharing, and invigorating conversation. The group of women there (from food bloggers to startup CEOs to Marketing and Event Managers and more) were amazing and we’re hoping to get together for another Austin Chapter event soon!


APNA networking!

Last week was also Administrative Professionals Week! Last Wednesday, April 22nd was actual Administrative Professionals Day. The network that I co-founded, the Administrative Professionals Network of Austin (APNA), hosts informal networking meetups each month and April was extra special because of this wonderful day! We had an amazing motivational and inspirational speaker,

Courtney Clark, speaker.

Courtney Clark, speaker

Courtney Clark, a fun networking activity, door prizes, and more. It was really nice to have Admin Professionals from all over Austin and in different fields get together to chat about their careers, give each other work tips and tricks, get to know one another, and have fun!

I’ve had lots of other great meetings this past week and even was able to catch up with my alma mater, Texas State, at a networking luncheon. As well, work has been bananas, we’re planning trips and projects, and trying to get our house in order. Again, it’s been busy but full! Even though it’s hard to remember what day it is, I feel blessed to meet and have so many awesome people, share stories, learn from them, and to feel excited about what’s next for us all.

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