Nice to meet you.

My name is Danielle Zamora and I’m a lifelong learner and happiness-enthusiast! I’m an Executive Assistant and currently support the Chief Technology Officer at HomeAway.

Along with my career as an EA, my background ranges from event planning, travel planning, food and beverage, management and leadership, hospitality, to customer service. I also run a group called the Administrative Professionals Network of Austin (APNA).

In my career and in life, I have a strong desire to help others and am passionate about finding fulfillment in all that I do. I’m a big advocate for organizational culture and effective communication. I’m a social science and PeopleOps nerd, and enjoy hearing the latest on what drives human behavior and how we interact with one another. I have a passion for continuous learning and networking and enjoy exploring new ways to fulfill that passion.

In my spare time, I enjoy discovering more of Austin, traveling, spending time outdoors, cooking, reading, making new connections, and learning and growing personally and professionally.

I am always open to meeting new friends and being introduced to new opportunities. Feel free to reach out about connecting with me (see left sidebar)!